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Target release for removal of the legacy API will be defined once most
PMDs have switched to rte_flow.
-* kni: remove KNI ethtool support. To clarify, this is not to remove the KNI,
- but only to remove ethtool support of it that is disabled by default and
- can be enabled via ``CONFIG_RTE_KNI_KMOD_ETHTOOL`` config option.
- Existing KNI ethtool implementation is only supported by ``igb`` & ``ixgbe``
- drivers, by using a copy of kernel drivers in DPDK. This model cannot be
- extended to all drivers in DPDK and it is too much effort to maintain
- kernel modules in DPDK. As a result users won't be able to use ``ethtool``
- via ``igb`` & ``ixgbe`` anymore.
* cryptodev: New member in ``rte_cryptodev_config`` to allow applications to
disable features supported by the crypto device. Only the following features
would be allowed to be disabled this way,