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authorPablo de Lara <>2015-08-06 12:07:41 +0100
committerThomas Monjalon <>2015-08-10 23:02:15 +0200
commite9f64db946378944f149a0a198a01aa4f555748b (patch)
treef922129ab2d1555b0371ff886554d26bab2718a0 /examples/vm_power_manager
parent6f1c1e28d98e11c679538ea5eebd0401adba8f55 (diff)
examples/vm_power: show warning when more than 64 cores
When using VM power manager app on systems with more than 64 cores, app could not run even though user does not use cores 64 or higher. The problem happens only in that case, in which case it will result in an undefined behaviour. Thefere, this patch allows the user to run the app on a system with more than 64 cores, warning the user not to use cores higher than 64 in the VM(s). Add new known issue where VM power manager app may not work in a system with more than 64 cores, in release notes. Signed-off-by: Pablo de Lara <> Tested-by: Marvin Liu <> Acked-by: Sergio Gonzalez Monroy <>
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/examples/vm_power_manager/channel_manager.c b/examples/vm_power_manager/channel_manager.c
index 7d892e2..35ff40a 100644
--- a/examples/vm_power_manager/channel_manager.c
+++ b/examples/vm_power_manager/channel_manager.c
@@ -764,12 +764,11 @@ channel_manager_init(const char *path)
global_n_host_cpus = (unsigned)n_cpus;
- if (global_n_host_cpus > CHANNEL_CMDS_MAX_CPUS) {
- RTE_LOG(ERR, CHANNEL_MANAGER, "The number of host CPUs(%u) exceeds the "
- "maximum of %u\n", global_n_host_cpus, CHANNEL_CMDS_MAX_CPUS);
- goto error;
- }
+ if (global_n_host_cpus > CHANNEL_CMDS_MAX_CPUS)
+ RTE_LOG(WARNING, CHANNEL_MANAGER, "The number of host CPUs(%u) exceeds the "
+ "maximum of %u. No cores over %u should be used.\n",
+ global_n_host_cpus, CHANNEL_CMDS_MAX_CPUS,
return 0;