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test/memory: fix autotest parsing
This patch fixes three problems in memory autotest: - the regex for IOVA - missing validation of second and following output lines - propagation of error to consecutive tests - conversion base for mem size (hex indtead of dec) First fix is for changes introduced with IOVA, the regex was not updated which lead to unit test failure. Patch now also uses loop for line outputs processing to verify more than just one line. By this we also satisfy the pexpect() and scan the "Test OK"/"Test Failed" so in case of error all output lines are consumed and does not break the consecutive test (error does not propagate). Fixes: 7ba49d39f14c ("mem: rename segment address from physical to IOVA") Fixes: b4ce15aa2bc7 ("app/test: fix memory autotest") Signed-off-by: Radoslaw Biernacki <>
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