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net/tap: add basic flow API patterns and actions
Supported flow rules are now mapped to TC rules on the tap netdevice. The netlink message used for creating the TC rule is stored in struct rte_flow. That way, by simply changing a metadata in it, we can require for the rule deletion without further parsing. Supported items: - eth: src and dst (with variable masks), and eth_type (0xffff mask). - vlan: vid, pcp, tpid, but not eid. - ipv4/6: src and dst (with variable masks), and ip_proto (0xffff mask). - udp/tcp: src and dst port (0xffff) mask. Supported actions: - DROP - QUEUE - PASSTHRU It is generally not possible to provide a "last" item. However, if the "last" item, once masked, is identical to the masked spec, then it is supported. Only IPv4/6 and MAC addresses can use a variable mask. All other items need a full mask (exact match). Support for VLAN requires kernel headers >= 4.9, checked using Signed-off-by: Pascal Mazon <> Acked-by: Olga Shern <> Acked-by: Keith Wiles <>
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