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app/testpmd: fix shaper profile parameters
As struct rte_tm_shaper_params defined, the command line of testpmd should include committed and peak parameters, but right now the command line doesn't identify whether it's committed or peak parameter. This patch identifies and adds the clarify definition Fixes: bddc2f40b594 ("app/testpmd: add commands for shaper and wred profiles") Cc: Signed-off-by: Rosen Xu <>
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@@ -2585,13 +2585,16 @@ Add port traffic management private shaper profile
Add the port traffic management private shaper profile::
testpmd> add port tm node shaper profile (port_id) (shaper_profile_id) \
- (tb_rate) (tb_size) (packet_length_adjust)
+ (cmit_tb_rate) (cmit_tb_size) (peak_tb_rate) (peak_tb_size) \
+ (packet_length_adjust)
* ``shaper_profile id``: Shaper profile ID for the new profile.
-* ``tb_rate``: Token bucket rate (bytes per second).
-* ``tb_size``: Token bucket size (bytes).
+* ``cmit_tb_rate``: Committed token bucket rate (bytes per second).
+* ``cmit_tb_size``: Committed token bucket size (bytes).
+* ``peak_tb_rate``: Peak token bucket rate (bytes per second).
+* ``peak_tb_size``: Peak token bucket size (bytes).
* ``packet_length_adjust``: The value (bytes) to be added to the length of
each packet for the purpose of shaping. This parameter value can be used to
correct the packet length with the framing overhead bytes that are consumed