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net/enic: support Rx queue interrupts
Enable rx queue interrupts if the app requests them, and vNIC has enough interrupt resources. Use interrupt vector 0 for link status and errors. Use vector 1 for rx queue 0, vector 2 for rx queue 1, and so on. So, with n rx queues, vNIC needs to have at n + 1 interrupts. For VIC, enabling and disabling rx queue interrupts are simply mask/unmask operations. VIC's credit based interrupt moderation is not used, as the app wants to explicitly control when to enable/disable interrupts. This version requires MSI-X (vfio-pci). Sharing one interrupt for link status and rx queues is possible, but is rather complex and has no user demands. Signed-off-by: Hyong Youb Kim <> Reviewed-by: John Daley <>
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- **Interrupts**
- Only one interrupt per vNIC interface should be configured in the UCS
+ At least one interrupt per vNIC interface should be configured in the UCS
manager regardless of the number receive/transmit queues. The ENIC PMD
uses this interrupt to get information about link status and errors
in the fast path.
+ In addition to the interrupt for link status and errors, when using Rx queue
+ interrupts, increase the number of configured interrupts so that there is at
+ least one interrupt for each Rx queue. For example, if the app uses 3 Rx
+ queues and wants to use per-queue interrupts, configure 4 (3 + 1) interrupts.
.. _enic-flow-director:
Flow director support
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Link status = Y
Link status event = Y
+Rx interrupt = Y
Queue start/stop = Y
MTU update = Y
Jumbo frame = Y