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igb: fix VF start with PF stopped
When igb runs as a PF, mbox interrupt is prerequisite to make VF start normally. And PF sometimes won't 'dev_start', so the mbox interrupt register during 'dev_init' is required. The patch rolls back the interrupt register for mbox,lsc to the 'dev_init'. As UIO doesn't support multiple vector, mbox has to occupy the only one. It adds condition check on 'dev_start', rxq interrupt is not allowed when PF running in IOV mode via UIO. Signed-off-by: Cunming Liang <>
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in Intel I210 NIC, as EtherType in RX descriptor is in bits 8:10 of
Packet Type and not in the default bits 0:2.
+* **igb: Fixed VF start with PF stopped.**
+ VF needs the PF interrupt support initialized even if not started.
* **ixgbe: Fixed issue with X550 DCB.**
Fixed a DCB issue with x550 where for 8 TCs (Traffic Classes), if a packet