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ethdev: remove duplicated debug functions
The functions for rx/tx burst, for rx_queue_count and descriptor_done in the ethdev library all had two copies of the code. One copy in rte_ethdev.h was inlined for performance, while a second was in rte_ethdev.c for debugging purposes only. We can eliminate the second copy of the functions by moving the additional debug checks into the copies of the functions in the header file. [Any compilation for debugging at optimization level 0 will not inline the function so the result should be same as when the function was in the .c file.] Signed-off-by: Bruce Richardson <>
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@@ -278,6 +278,11 @@ ABI Changes
* The new fields rx_desc_lim and tx_desc_lim are added into rte_eth_dev_info
+* For debug builds, the functions rte_eth_rx_burst(), rte_eth_tx_burst()
+ rte_eth_rx_descriptor_done() and rte_eth_rx_queue_count() will
+ no longer be separate functions in the DPDK libraries. Instead, they will
+ only be present in the rte_ethdev.h header file.
* The maximum number of queues per port CONFIG_RTE_MAX_QUEUES_PER_PORT is
increased to 1024.