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i40e: enlarge the number of supported queues
It enlarges the number of supported queues to hardware allowed maximum. There was a software limitation of 64 per physical port which is not reasonable. Signed-off-by: Helin Zhang <>
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@@ -8,11 +8,6 @@ API and ABI deprecation notices are to be posted here.
Deprecation Notices
-* Significant ABI changes are planned for struct rte_eth_dev to support up to
- 1024 queues per port. This change will be in release 2.2.
- There is no backward compatibility planned from release 2.2.
- All binaries will need to be rebuilt from release 2.2.
* The following fields have been deprecated in rte_eth_stats:
ibadcrc, ibadlen, imcasts, fdirmatch, fdirmiss,
tx_pause_xon, rx_pause_xon, tx_pause_xoff, rx_pause_xoff
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@@ -118,6 +118,13 @@ Drivers
Fixed i40e issue that occurred when a DPDK application didn't initialize
ports if memory wasn't available on socket 0.
+* **i40e: Fixed maximum of 64 queues per port.**
+ Fixed the issue in i40e of cannot supporting more than 64 queues per port,
+ though hardware actually supports that. The real number of queues may vary,
+ as long as the total number of queues used in PF, VFs, VMDq and FD does not
+ exceeds the hardware maximum.
* **vhost: Fixed Qemu shutdown.**
Fixed issue with libvirt ``virsh destroy`` not killing the VM.
@@ -191,6 +198,9 @@ ABI Changes
* The new fields rx_desc_lim and tx_desc_lim are added into rte_eth_dev_info
+* The maximum number of queues per port CONFIG_RTE_MAX_QUEUES_PER_PORT is
+ increased to 1024.
* The mbuf structure was changed to support unified packet type.
It was already done in 2.1 for CONFIG_RTE_NEXT_ABI.