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doc: update release notes for enic
Fixes: 8a6ff33d6d36 ("net/enic: add AVX2 based vectorized Rx handler") Fixes: 86df6c4e2fce ("net/enic: support flow counter action") Fixes: 70401fd7784d ("net/enic: add VLAN and csum offloads to simple Tx handler") Fixes: c0aae00d7da0 ("net/enic: enable IOVA mode") Signed-off-by: Hyong Youb Kim <> Reviewed-by: John Daley <>
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* Added support for Tx descriptor status API in EF10 (ef10 and ef10_simple)
datapaths implementation.
+* **Updated the enic driver.**
+ * Added AVX2-based vectorized Rx handler.
+ * Added VLAN and checksum offloads to the simple Tx handler.
+ * Added the count flow action.
+ * Enabled the virtual address IOVA mode.
* **Updated failsafe driver.**
Updated the failsafe driver including the following changes: