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net/enic: add flow implementation based on Flow Manager API
Flow Manager API is the new firmware interface that exposes match action capabilities in 1400 series VIC adapters. It is intended for virtual switch offloads and enables more advanced features than the existing filter API. For example, it supports VXLAN encap and decap actions, and exposes TCAM and exact match tables. Add the new flow implementation using Flow Manager and use it when available. When Flow Manager is not available, the driver will continue to use the old filter-based flow implementation. Signed-off-by: John Daley <> Signed-off-by: Hyong Youb Kim <>
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@@ -248,6 +248,15 @@ selected via CIMC or UCSM followed by a reboot of the server.
- Selectors: 'is', 'spec' and 'mask'. 'last' is not supported
- In total, up to 64 bytes of mask is allowed across all headers
+- **1400 and later series VICs with Flow Manager API enabled**
+ - Attributes: ingress, egress
+ - Items: eth, vlan, ipv4, ipv6, sctp, udp, tcp, vxlan, raw, inner eth, vlan, ipv4, ipv6, sctp, udp, tcp
+ - Ingress Actions: count, drop, flag, jump, mark, port_id, passthru, queue, rss, vxlan_decap, vxlan_encap, and void
+ - Egress Actions: count, drop, jump, passthru, vxlan_encap, and void
+ - Selectors: 'is', 'spec' and 'mask'. 'last' is not supported
+ - In total, up to 64 bytes of mask is allowed across all headers
The VIC performs packet matching after applying VLAN strip. If VLAN
stripping is enabled, EtherType in the ETH item corresponds to the
stripped VLAN header's EtherType. Stripping does not affect the VLAN