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net/ice: add devargs to control pipeline mode
Added a devarg to control the mode in generic flow API. We use none-pipeline mode by default. Signed-off-by: Qiming Yang <> Acked-by: Qi Zhang <> Reviewed-by: Xiaolong Ye <>
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NOTE: In Safe mode, only very limited features are available, features like RSS,
checksum, fdir, tunneling ... are all disabled.
+- ``Generic Flow Pipeline Mode Support`` (default ``0``)
+ In pipeline mode, a flow can be set at one specific stage by setting parameter
+ ``priority``. Currently, we support two stages: priority = 0 or !0. Flows with
+ priority 0 located at the first pipeline stage which typically be used as a firewall
+ to drop the packet on a blacklist(we called it permission stage). At this stage,
+ flow rules are created for the device's exact match engine: switch. Flows with priority
+ !0 located at the second stage, typically packets are classified here and be steered to
+ specific queue or queue group (we called it distribution stage), At this stage, flow
+ rules are created for device's flow director engine.
+ For none-pipeline mode, ``priority`` is ignored, a flow rule can be created as a flow director
+ rule or a switch rule depends on its pattern/action and the resource allocation situation,
+ all flows are virtually at the same pipeline stage.
+ By default, generic flow API is enabled in none-pipeline mode, user can choose to
+ use pipeline mode by setting ``devargs`` parameter ``pipeline-mode-support``,
+ for example::
+ -w 80:00.0,pipeline-mode-support=1
- ``Protocol extraction for per queue``
Configure the RX queues to do protocol extraction into ``rte_mbuf::udata64``