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net/mlx5: add parameter for port representors
Prior to this patch, all port representors detected on a given device were probed and Ethernet devices instantiated for each of them. This patch adds support for the standard "representor" parameter, which implies that port representors are not probed by default anymore, except for the list provided through device arguments. (Patch based on prior work from Yuanhan Liu) Signed-off-by: Adrien Mazarguil <> Reviewed-by: Xueming Li <>
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Disabled by default.
+- ``representor`` parameter [list]
+ This parameter can be used to instantiate DPDK Ethernet devices from
+ existing port (or VF) representors configured on the device.
+ It is a standard parameter whose format is described in
+ :ref:`ethernet_device_standard_device_arguments`.
+ For instance, to probe port representors 0 through 2::
+ representor=[0-2]
Firmware configuration