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net/mlx5: support upstream rdma-core
This removes the dependency on specific Mellanox OFED libraries by using the upstream rdma-core and linux upstream community code. Both rdma-core upstream and Mellanox OFED are Linux user-space packages: 1. Rdma-core is Linux upstream user-space package.(Generic) 2. Mellanox OFED is Mellanox's Linux user-space package.(Proprietary) The difference between the two are the APIs towards the kernel. Support for x86-32 is removed due to issues in rdma-core library. ICC compilation will be supported as soon as the following patch is integrated in rdma-core: Signed-off-by: Shachar Beiser <> Signed-off-by: Nelio Laranjeiro <>
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@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ DPDK and must be installed separately:
This library basically implements send/receive calls to the hardware
-- **Kernel modules** (mlnx-ofed-kernel)
+- **Kernel modules**
They provide the kernel-side Verbs API and low level device drivers that
manage actual hardware initialization and resources sharing with user
@@ -324,9 +324,26 @@ DPDK and must be installed separately:
Both libraries are BSD and GPL licensed. Linux kernel modules are GPL
-Currently supported by DPDK:
-- Mellanox OFED version: **4.1**.
+Either RDMA Core library with a recent enough Linux kernel release
+(recommended) or Mellanox OFED, which provides compatibility with older
+RMDA Core with Linux Kernel
+- Minimal kernel version : 4.13-rc4 (see `Linux installation documentation`_)
+- Minimal rdma-core version: v15 (see `RDMA Core installation documentation`_)
+.. _`Linux installation documentation`:
+.. _`RDMA Core installation documentation`:
+Mellanox OFED
+- Mellanox OFED version: **4.2**.
- firmware version:
- ConnectX-4: **12.20.1010** and above.
@@ -334,9 +351,6 @@ Currently supported by DPDK:
- ConnectX-5: **16.20.1010** and above.
- ConnectX-5 Ex: **16.20.1010** and above.
-Getting Mellanox OFED
While these libraries and kernel modules are available on OpenFabrics
Alliance's `website <>`__ and provided by package
managers on most distributions, this PMD requires Ethernet extensions that
@@ -377,8 +391,8 @@ Supported NICs
* Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-5 100G MCX556A-ECAT (2x100G)
* Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-5 Ex EN 100G MCX516A-CDAT (2x100G)
-Quick Start Guide
+Quick Start Guide on OFED
1. Download latest Mellanox OFED. For more info check the `prerequisites`_.