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net/mlx5: use stride index in Rx completion entry
Multi-Packet Receive Queue is to receive multiple packets on a single large buffer. The number of consumed strides in CQE is accumulated to keep track of the current stride index. However, it is safer to directly use stride index in CQE to avoid out-of-order situation which can possibly be caused by introducing LRO in the future. If Rx CQE compression is enabled, HW can be configured to store the stride index in a mini-CQE but this will need newer version of library/driver. Therefore, since this change, MPRQ is only supported with the newer library/driver and Rx hash result is not supported if MPRQ is enabled along with Rx CQE compression. Signed-off-by: Yongseok Koh <> Acked-by: Shahaf Shuler <>
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the external buffers will be freed by PMD and the application which still
holds the external buffers may be corrupted.
+- If Multi-Packet Rx queue is configured (``mprq_en``) and Rx CQE compression is
+ enabled (``rxq_cqe_comp_en``) at the same time, RSS hash result is not fully
+ supported. Some Rx packets may not have PKT_RX_RSS_HASH.