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net/enic: extend flow director support for 1300 series
1300 series Cisco adapter firmware version 2.0(13) for UCS C-series servers and 3.1(2) for blade servers supports more filtering capabilities. The feature can be enabled via Cisco CIMC or USCM with the 'advanced filters' radio button. When enabled, the these additional flow director modes are available: RTE_ETH_FLOW_NONFRAG_IPV4_OTHER RTE_ETH_FLOW_NONFRAG_IPV4_SCTP RTE_ETH_FLOW_NONFRAG_IPV6_UDP RTE_ETH_FLOW_NONFRAG_IPV6_TCP RTE_ETH_FLOW_NONFRAG_IPV6_SCTP RTE_ETH_FLOW_NONFRAG_IPV6_OTHER Changes: - Detect and set an 'advanced filters' flag dependent on the adapter capability. - Implement RTE_ETH_FILTER_INFO filter op to return the flow types available dependent on whether advanced filters are enabled. - Use a function pointer to select how filters are added to the adapter: copy_fltr_v1() for older firmware/adapters or copy_fltr_v2() for adapters which support advanced filters. - Apply fdir global masks to filters when in advanced filter mode. - Update documentation. Signed-off-by: John Daley <> Reviewed-by: Nelson Escobar <>
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@@ -122,6 +122,24 @@ Configuration information
uses this interrupt to get information about link status and errors
in the fast path.
+.. _enic-flow-director:
+Flow director support
+Advanced filtering support was added to 1300 series VIC firmware starting
+with version 2.0.13 for C-series UCS servers and version 3.1.2 for UCSM
+managed blade servers. In order to enable advanced filtering the 'Advanced
+filter' radio button should be enabled via CIMC or UCSM followed by a reboot
+of the server.
+With advanced filters, perfect matching of all fields of IPv4, IPv6 headers
+as well as TCP, UDP and SCTP L4 headers is available through flow director.
+Masking of these feilds for partial match is also supported.
+Without advanced filter support, the flow director is limited to IPv4
+perfect filtering of the 5-tuple with no masking of fields supported.
@@ -145,6 +163,12 @@ Limitations
vlan_offload |= ETH_VLAN_STRIP_OFFLOAD;
rte_eth_dev_set_vlan_offload(port, vlan_offload);
+- Limited flow director support on 1200 series and 1300 series Cisco VIC
+ adapters with old firmware. Please see :ref:`enic-flow-director`.
+- Flow director features are not supported on generation 1 Cisco VIC adapters
+ (M81KR and P81E)
How to build the suite?
The build instructions for the DPDK suite should be followed. By default
@@ -170,9 +194,6 @@ ENIC PMD supports all recent generations of Cisco VIC adapters including:
- VIC 1385
- VIC 1387
-- Flow director features are not supported on generation 1 Cisco VIC adapters
- (M81KR and P81E)
Supported Operating Systems
Any Linux distribution fulfilling the conditions described in Dependencies
@@ -187,8 +208,7 @@ Supported features
- IP checksum offload
- Receive side VLAN stripping
- Multiple receive and transmit queues
-- Flow Director ADD, UPDATE, DELETE, STATS operation support for IPV4 5-TUPLE
- flows
+- Flow Director ADD, UPDATE, DELETE, STATS operation support IPv4 and IPv6
- Promiscuous mode
- Setting RX VLAN (supported via UCSM/CIMC only)
- VLAN filtering (supported via UCSM/CIMC only)