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net/enic: fix VXLAN match
The filter API does not have flags for "match VXLAN". Explicitly set the UDP destination port and mask in the L4 pattern. Otherwise, UDP packets with non-VXLAN ports may be falsely reported as VXLAN. 1400 series VIC adapters have hardware VXLAN parsing. The L5 buffer on the NIC starts with the inner Ethernet header, and the VXLAN header is now in the L4 buffer following the UDP header. So the VXLAN spec/mask needs to be in the L4 pattern, not L5. Older models still expect the VXLAN spec/mask in the L5 pattern. Fix up the L4/L5 patterns accordingly. Fixes: 6ced137607d0 ("net/enic: flow API for NICs with advanced filters enabled") Cc: Signed-off-by: Hyong Youb Kim <>
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