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-There are three main pre-requisities for executing DPAA PMD on a DPAA
-compatible board:
+See :doc:`../platform/dpaa` for setup information
-1. **ARM 64 Tool Chain**
- For example, the `*aarch64* Linaro Toolchain <>`_.
-2. **Linux Kernel**
- It can be obtained from `NXP's Github hosting <>`_.
-3. **Rootfile system**
- Any *aarch64* supporting filesystem can be used. For example,
- Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily) or 16.04 LTS (Xenial) userland which can be obtained
- from `here <>`_.
-4. **FMC Tool**
- Before any DPDK application can be executed, the Frame Manager Configuration
- Tool (FMC) need to be executed to set the configurations of the queues. This
- includes the queue state, RSS and other policies.
- This tool can be obtained from `NXP (Freescale) Public Git Repository <>`_.
- This tool needs configuration files which are available in the
- :ref:`DPDK Extra Scripts <extra_scripts>`, described below for DPDK usages.
-As an alternative method, DPAA PMD can also be executed using images provided
-as part of SDK from NXP. The SDK includes all the above prerequisites necessary
-to bring up a DPAA board.
-The following dependencies are not part of DPDK and must be installed
-- **NXP Linux SDK**
- NXP Linux software development kit (SDK) includes support for family
- of QorIQ® ARM-Architecture-based system on chip (SoC) processors
- and corresponding boards.
- It includes the Linux board support packages (BSPs) for NXP SoCs,
- a fully operational tool chain, kernel and board specific modules.
- SDK and related information can be obtained from: `NXP QorIQ SDK <>`_.
-.. _extra_scripts:
-- **DPDK Extra Scripts**
- DPAA based resources can be configured easily with the help of ready scripts
- as provided in the DPDK Extra repository.
- `DPDK Extras Scripts <>`_.
-Currently supported by DPDK:
-- NXP SDK **2.0+**.
-- Supported architectures: **arm64 LE**.
- Follow the DPDK :ref:`Getting Started Guide for Linux <linux_gsg>`
to setup the basic DPDK environment.