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In case the application is configured to use lesser number of queues than
configured above, it might result in packet loss (because of distribution).
+- ``DPAA_PUSH_QUEUES_NUMBER`` (default 4)
+ This defines the number of High performance queues to be used for ethdev Rx.
+ These queues use one private HW portal per queue configured, so they are
+ limited in the system. The first configured ethdev queues will be
+ automatically be assigned from the these high perf PUSH queues. Any queue
+ configuration beyond that will be standard Rx queues. The application can
+ choose to change their number if HW portals are limited.
+ The valid values are from '0' to '4'. The valuse shall be set to '0' if the
+ application want to use eventdev with DPAA device.
Driver compilation and testing