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build: print list of disabled components
When configuring with meson we print out a list of enabled components, but it is also useful to list out the disabled components and the reasons why. Signed-off-by: Bruce Richardson <> Acked-by: Luca Boccassi <>
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@@ -852,12 +852,15 @@ allow_experimental_apis
**Default Value = true**
Used to optionally compile a library, based on its dependencies or
- environment. A simple example of use would be:
+ environment. When set to "false" the ``reason`` value, explained below, should
+ also be set to explain to the user why the component is not being built.
+ A simple example of use would be:
.. code-block:: python
if not is_linux
build = false
+ reason = 'only supported on Linux'
@@ -938,6 +941,13 @@ objs
objects that were compiled up as part of another target given in the
included library ```` file.
+ **Default Value = '<unknown reason>'**.
+ This variable should be used when a library is not to be built i.e. when
+ ``build`` is set to "false", to specify the reason why a library will not be
+ built. For missing dependencies this should be of the form
+ ``'missing dependency, "libname"'``.
**Default Value = 1**.
Specifies the ABI version of the library, and is used as the major
@@ -991,6 +1001,9 @@ pkgconfig_extra_libs
using static libraries. Anything added here will be appended to the end
of the ``pkgconfig --libs`` output.
+ As above.
sources [mandatory]
As above