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mk: install a standard cutomizable tree
The rule "install" follows these conventions: The variable sdkdir has been added to the more standards ones, to configure the directory used with RTE_SDK when using the DPDK makefiles to build an application. It is still possible to build DPDK with the "install T=" rule without specifying any DESTDIR. In such case there is no install, as before. The old usage of an installed SDK is: make -C examples/helloworld RTE_SDK=$(readlink -m $DESTDIR) \ RTE_TARGET=x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc RTE_TARGET can be specified but is useless now with an installed SDK. The RTE_SDK directory must now point to a different path depending of the installation. Signed-off-by: Thomas Monjalon <> Acked-by: Panu Matilainen <>
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D debug dependencies
O build directory (default: build/ - install default: ./)
DESTDIR second-stage install directory
+ prefix root install directory
T target template - used with config or install
format: <arch-machine-execenv-toolchain>
templates in config/defconfig_*