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mem: rework memzone to be allocated by malloc
In the current memory hierarchy, memsegs are groups of physically contiguous hugepages, memzones are slices of memsegs and malloc further slices memzones into smaller memory chunks. This patch modifies malloc so it partitions memsegs instead of memzones. Thus memzones would call malloc internally for memory allocation while maintaining its ABI. During initialization malloc sets all available memory as part of the heaps. CONFIG_RTE_MALLOC_MEMZONE_SIZE was used to specify the default memory block size to expand the heap. The option is not used/relevant anymore, so we remove it. Remove free_memseg field from internal mem config structure as it is not used anymore. Also remove code in ivshmem that was setting up free_memseg on init. It would be possible to free memzones and therefore any other structure based on memzones, ie. mempools Signed-off-by: Sergio Gonzalez Monroy <>
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