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eal/x86: revert select optimized memcpy at run-time
Revert the patchset run-time Linking support including the following 3 commits: Fixes: 84cc318424d4 ("eal/x86: select optimized memcpy at run-time") Fixes: c7fbc80fe60f ("test: select memcpy alignment unit at run-time") Fixes: 5f180ae32962 ("efd: move AVX2 lookup in its own compilation unit") The patchset would cause perf drop in vhost/virtio loopback performance test. Because the run-time dispatch must cost at least a function call comparing to the compile-time dispatch. And the reference cpu cycles value is small. And in the test, when using 128-256 bytes packet, it would cause 16%-20% perf drop with mergeble path. When using 256 bytes packet, it would cause 13% perf drop with vector path. Signed-off-by: Xiaoyun Li <>
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