AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-01version: 17.08-rc3v17.08-rc3Thomas Monjalon
2017-08-01doc: postpone unaccomplished offloads deprecationShahaf Shuler
2017-08-01doc: move i40e specific to i40e guideShahaf Shuler
2017-08-01doc: cleanup UIO hard requirementShahaf Shuler
2017-08-01doc: move kernel drivers to a new chapterShahaf Shuler
2017-07-31doc: update mlx guidesShahaf Shuler
2017-07-31doc: update release notes for mlx driverShahaf Shuler
2017-07-31doc: update mlx5 supported featuresShahaf Shuler
2017-07-31mk: use extra cflags when linking libs with compilerGage Eads
2017-07-31ethdev: fix doxygen comment for PCI info copyRami Rosen
2017-07-31app/testpmd: fix usage messageWenzhuo Lu
2017-07-31examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix possible out-of-boundsPablo de Lara
2017-07-31app/testeventdev: fix divide by zero in statsJerin Jacob
2017-07-31app/testeventdev: fix string overflow in parsingJerin Jacob
2017-07-31service: fix shifts to operate on 64-bit integersHarry van Haaren
2017-07-31net/ixgbe: support 2.5G and 5G on X550Wei Dai
2017-07-31net/qede: update PMD version Mody
2017-07-31net/qede: fix chip details printRasesh Mody
2017-07-31net/qede: fix inner L3/L4 checksum for tunnelsHarish Patil
2017-07-31net/qede/base: fix for adapter specific statsRasesh Mody
2017-07-31net/qede: fix incorrect queue id for 100GHarish Patil
2017-07-31net/qede/base: fix recovery from previous ungraceful exitRasesh Mody
2017-07-31net/bnxt: fix arguments to callback processAjit Khaparde
2017-07-31net/mlx4: fix probe failure reportMatan Azrad
2017-07-31net/mlx4: fix flow creation before startMatan Azrad
2017-07-31net/mlx5: fix L4 packet type supportYongseok Koh
2017-07-31net/mlx5: fix missing packet type calculationYongseok Koh
2017-07-31net/mlx5: fix counting consumed Tx descriptorsYongseok Koh
2017-07-31net/mlx5: poll completion queue once per a callYongseok Koh
2017-07-31doc: add 802.3ad modes in testpmd guideDaniel Mrzyglod
2017-07-31test/bonding: fix device nameTomasz Kulasek
2017-07-31test/bonding: fix namespace of the RSS testsDaniel Mrzyglod
2017-07-31test/bonding: fix parameters of a balance TxHerbert Guan
2017-07-31test/bonding: fix memory corruptionsHerbert Guan
2017-07-31test: fix virtual device name not setTomasz Kulasek
2017-07-31net/bnxt: fix setting conflicting VLAN bitsAjit Khaparde
2017-07-31net/i40e: fix PF notify when VF is not upXiaoyun Li
2017-07-31net/i40e: fix parsing QinQ patternKuba Kozak
2017-07-31net/bonding: enable in ppc64leGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2017-07-31net/bonding: fix link status interrupt when downTomasz Kulasek
2017-07-31net/bonding: fix crash when primary slave setTomasz Kulasek
2017-07-31net/i40e: fix sync phy type by adding retryDavid Hunt
2017-07-31net/mlx5: fix inconsistent link status queryGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2017-07-31net/igb: fix access bound in ethertype filterKuba Kozak
2017-07-31net/bnxt: fix setting VLAN anti spoof with same valueAjit Khaparde
2017-07-31net/ixgbe: remove subdev ids from PCI device tableLeonid Myravjev
2017-07-31net/ixgbe: support IPv4-other type filterWei Zhao
2017-07-31net/ixgbe: fix mirror rule index overflowQi Zhang
2017-07-31net/bnxt: free filter before reusing itAjit Khaparde
2017-07-31net/bnxt: check invalid L2 filter idAjit Khaparde