AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-15version: 18.02.2v18.02.218.02Luca Boccassi
2018-06-15net/bnxt: fix license headerAjit Khaparde
2018-06-04crypto/qat: assign device to correct NUMA nodeLee Roberts
2018-05-31crypto/armv8: fix HMAC supported digest sizesAnoob Joseph
2018-05-31net/i40e: fix link status updateFan Zhang
2018-05-29app/testpmd: revert fix exit for virtio-userLuca Boccassi
2018-05-29doc: fix a typo in flow API howtoJerin Jacob
2018-05-29ethdev: add missing TM function to export mapBen Shelton
2018-05-29net/tap: fix keep-alive queue not detachedOphir Munk
2018-05-29doc: remove deprecated terms from thunderx guideJerin Jacob
2018-05-29net/qede: fix slow path completion timeoutShahed Shaikh
2018-05-23net/liquidio: fix link state fetching during startChuhong Yao
2018-05-23net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flagsAjit Khaparde
2018-05-23net/bnxt: fix xstats for VFAjit Khaparde
2018-05-23net/bnxt: use first completion ring for fwd and async eventAjit Khaparde
2018-05-23net/bnxt: fix Tx and Rx burst for secondary processAjit Khaparde
2018-05-23net/failsafe: fix duplicate event registrationMatan Azrad
2018-05-23net/failsafe: fix removed sub-device cleanupMatan Azrad
2018-05-23net/bonding: export mode 4 slave info routineChas Williams
2018-05-23net/vdev_netvsc: fix automatic probingMatan Azrad
2018-05-23net/i40e: fix shifts of signed valuesFerruh Yigit
2018-05-23net/e1000: fix build of igb onlyHarry van Haaren
2018-05-23net/tap: fix device removal when no queue existOphir Munk
2018-05-23net/qede: fix unicast filter routine return codeShahed Shaikh
2018-05-23net/qede: fix missing loop index in Tx SG modeRasesh Mody
2018-05-23net/qede: fix multicast filteringHarish Patil
2018-05-23net/ixgbe: fix DCB configurationQiming Yang
2018-05-23app/testpmd: fix exit for virtio-userZhiyong Yang
2018-05-23ethdev: fix storage type of latest port idZhiyong Yang
2018-05-23crypto/scheduler: fix 64-bit mask of workers coresKirill Rybalchenko
2018-05-23cryptodev: add missing security feature stringPablo de Lara
2018-05-23cryptodev: fix supported size checkPablo de Lara
2018-05-23crypto/aesni_gcm: remove unneeded castPablo de Lara
2018-05-23app/crypto-perf: fix parameters copyJerin Jacob
2018-05-23app/crypto-perf: use strcpy for allocated stringJerin Jacob
2018-05-23crypto/scheduler: fix possible duplicated ring namesFan Zhang
2018-05-23crypto/scheduler: fix multicore rings re-useKirill Rybalchenko
2018-05-23app/bbdev: fix unchecked return valueKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-23ethdev: fix type and scope of variables in Rx burstAndy Green
2018-05-23mbuf: avoid integer promotion in prepend/adj/chainAndy Green
2018-05-23mbuf: avoid implicit demotion in 64-bit arithmeticAndy Green
2018-05-23mbuf: fix type of variables in linearize functionAndy Green
2018-05-23mbuf: fix type of private size in detachAndy Green
2018-05-23net: explicit cast in L4 checksumAndy Green
2018-05-23eal: explicit cast in rwlock functionsAndy Green
2018-05-23eal/x86: fix type of variable in memcpy functionAndy Green
2018-05-23app/testpmd: fix burst stats reportingDaniel Shelepov
2018-05-23bus/vdev: fix double space in logsStephen Hemminger
2018-05-23test/eventdev: fix ethdev port id to 16-bitVipin Varghese
2018-05-23net/mlx5: fix build with clang on ARMGavin Hu