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doc: add warning for fm10k early driver
This patch adds a note to the release notes new features, as a warning regarding the early status of the FM10K driver for pre-release access Signed-off-by: Siobhan Butler <>
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New Features
+* Poll-mode driver support for an early release of the PCIE host interface of the Intel(R) Ethernet Switch FM10000.
+.. note:: The software is intended to run on pre-release hardware and may contain unknown or unresolved defects or
+ issues related to functionality and performance.
+ The poll mode driver is also pre-release and will be updated to a released version post hardware and base driver release.
+ Should the official hardware release be made between DPDK releases an updated poll-mode driver will be made available.
* Link Bonding
* Support for adaptive load balancing (mode 6) to the link bonding library.