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version: 17.11.1v17.11.1
Signed-off-by: Yuanhan Liu <>
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diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_17_11.rst b/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_17_11.rst
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--- a/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_17_11.rst
+++ b/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_17_11.rst
@@ -820,3 +820,258 @@ Tested Platforms
* Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
* Device ID: 15b3:1017
* Firmware version: 16.21.1000
+Fixes in 17.11 LTS Release
+* app/procinfo: add compilation option in config
+* app/testpmd: fix crash of txonly with multiple segments
+* app/testpmd: fix flow director filter
+* app/testpmd: fix flowgen forwarding offload flags
+* app/testpmd: fix invalid Rx queue number setting
+* app/testpmd: fix invalid Tx queue number setting
+* app/testpmd: fix port configuration print
+* app/testpmd: fix port id allocation
+* app/testpmd: fix port index in RSS forward config
+* app/testpmd: fix port topology in RSS forward config
+* app/testpmd: fix port validation
+* app/testpmd: remove xenvirt again
+* bus/dpaa: fix ARM big endian build
+* bus/dpaa: fix build when assert enabled
+* bus/dpaa: fix default IOVA mode
+* bus/fslmc: fix build with latest glibc
+* bus/fslmc: fix the cplusplus macro closure
+* bus/pci: fix interrupt handler type
+* bus/pci: forbid IOVA mode if IOMMU address width too small
+* bus/vdev: continue probing after a device failure
+* cmdline: avoid garbage in unused fields of parsed result
+* cmdline: fix dynamic tokens parsing
+* cryptodev: add missing CPU flag string
+* cryptodev: fix function prototype
+* cryptodev: fix session pointer cast
+* crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix enum conversion for GCM
+* crypto: fix pedantic compilation
+* crypto/qat: fix allocation check and leak
+* crypto/qat: fix null auth algo overwrite
+* crypto/qat: fix out-of-bounds access
+* crypto/qat: fix parameter type
+* crypto/scheduler: fix strncpy
+* doc: fix format in OpenSSL installation guide
+* doc: fix lists of supported crypto algorithms
+* drivers: change the deprecated memseg physaddr to IOVA
+* eal/arm64: remove the braces in memory barrier macros
+* eal/ppc64: revert arch-specific TSC freq query
+* eal/ppc: remove the braces in memory barrier macros
+* ethdev: fix link autonegotiation value
+* ethdev: fix missing imissed counter in xstats
+* ethdev: fix port data reset timing
+* ethdev: fix port id allocation
+* eventdev: fix doxygen comments
+* eventdev: set error code in port link/unlink functions
+* event/octeontx: fix Rx adapter port id mapping
+* event/sw: fix debug logging config option
+* event/sw: fix queue memory leak and multi-link bug
+* examples/bond: check mbuf allocation
+* examples/bond: fix vdev name
+* examples/ip_pipeline: fix timer period unit
+* examples/ipsec-secgw: fix corner case for SPI value
+* examples/ipsec-secgw: fix missing ingress flow attribute
+* examples/ipsec-secgw: fix SPI byte order in flow item
+* examples/ipsec-secgw: fix usage of incorrect port
+* examples/l3fwd-power: fix frequency detection
+* examples/l3fwd-power: fix Rx without interrupt
+* examples/vhost: fix sending ARP packet to self
+* examples/vhost: fix startup check
+* flow_classify: fix ISO C in exported header
+* igb_uio: allow multi-process access
+* keepalive: fix state alignment
+* kni: fix build dependency
+* kni: fix build with kernel 4.15
+* lib: fix missing includes in exported headers
+* log: fix memory leak in regexp level set
+* lpm: fix ARM big endian build
+* malloc: fix end for bounded elements
+* malloc: protect stats with lock
+* mbuf: fix NULL freeing when debug enabled
+* mbuf: fix performance of freeing with non atomic refcnt
+* member: fix ISO C in exported header
+* member: fix memory leak on error
+* mempool: fix first memory area notification
+* mempool: fix physical contiguous check
+* mempool/octeontx: fix improper memory barrier
+* mempool/octeontx: fix memory area registration
+* mempool/octeontx: fix natural alignment being optimized out
+* memzone: fix leak on allocation error
+* mk: fix external build
+* mk: remove TILE-Gx machine type
+* mk: support renamed Makefile in external project
+* net/bnxt: fix check for ether type
+* net/bnxt: fix double increment of idx during Tx ring alloc
+* net/bnxt: fix duplicate filter pattern creation error
+* net/bnxt: fix duplicate pattern for 5tuple filter
+* net/bnxt: fix group info usage
+* net/bnxt: fix link speed setting with autoneg off
+* net/bnxt: fix number of pools for RSS
+* net/bnxt: fix return code in MAC address set
+* net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flags
+* net/bnxt: fix size of Tx ring in HW
+* net/bnxt: free the aggregation ring
+* net/bnxt: parse checksum offload flags
+* net/bonding: check error of MAC address setting
+* net/bonding: fix activated slave in 8023ad mode
+* net/bonding: fix bonding in 8023ad mode
+* net/bonding: fix setting slave MAC addresses
+* net/dpaa: fix FW version code
+* net/dpaa: fix potential memory leak
+* net/dpaa: fix the mbuf packet type if zero
+* net/dpaa: fix uninitialized and unused variables
+* net/e1000: fix null pointer check
+* net/e1000: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
+* net/ena: do not set Tx L4 offloads in Rx path
+* net/enic: fix crash due to static max number of queues
+* net/enic: fix L4 Rx ptype comparison
+* net/failsafe: fix invalid free
+* net/failsafe: fix Rx safe check compiler hint
+* net: fix ESP header byte ordering definition
+* net/fm10k: fix logical port delete
+* net/i40e: add debug logs when writing global registers
+* net/i40e: add FDIR NVGRE parameter check
+* net/i40e: check multi-driver option parsing
+* net/i40e: exclude LLDP packet count
+* net/i40e: fix ARM big endian build
+* net/i40e: fix FDIR input set conflict
+* net/i40e: fix FDIR rule confiliction issue
+* net/i40e: fix flag for MAC address write
+* net/i40e: fix flow director Rx resource defect
+* net/i40e: fix interrupt conflict with multi-driver
+* net/i40e: fix ISO C in exported header
+* net/i40e: fix memory leak
+* net/i40e: fix multiple DDP packages conflict
+* net/i40e: fix multiple driver support
+* net/i40e: fix packet type for X722
+* net/i40e: fix port segmentation fault when restart
+* net/i40e: fix Rx interrupt
+* net/i40e: fix setting MAC address of VF
+* net/i40e: fix setting of MAC address on i40evf
+* net/i40e: fix VF reset stats crash
+* net/i40e: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
+* net/i40e: fix VLAN offload setting
+* net/i40e: fix VLAN offload setting issue
+* net/i40e: fix VSI MAC filter on primary address change
+* net/i40e: warn when writing global registers
+* net/igb: fix Tx queue number assignment
+* net/ixgbe: fix ARM big endian build
+* net/ixgbe: fix max queue number for VF
+* net/ixgbe: fix parsing FDIR NVGRE issue
+* net/ixgbe: fix reset error handling
+* net/ixgbe: fix the failure of number of Tx queue check
+* net/ixgbe: fix tunnel filter fail problem
+* net/ixgbe: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
+* net/ixgbe: fix wrong PBA setting
+* net/mlx4: fix drop flow resources leak
+* net/mlx4: fix Rx offload non-fragmented indication
+* net/mlx4: fix Tx packet drop application report
+* net/mlx4: fix unnecessary include
+* net/mlx4: revert workaround for broken Verbs
+* net/mlx5: cleanup allocation of ethtool stats
+* net/mlx5: fix calculation of flow ID flag
+* net/mlx5: fix deadlock of link status alarm
+* net/mlx5: fix flow item validation
+* net/mlx5: fix flow priority on queue action
+* net/mlx5: fix flow RSS configuration
+* net/mlx5: fix handling link status event
+* net/mlx5: fix HW checksum offload for outer IP
+* net/mlx5: fix link state on device start
+* net/mlx5: fix memory region boundary checks
+* net/mlx5: fix memory region cache last index
+* net/mlx5: fix memory region cache lookup
+* net/mlx5: fix memory region lookup
+* net/mlx5: fix Memory Region registration
+* net/mlx5: fix missing attribute size for drop action
+* net/mlx5: fix missing RSS capability
+* net/mlx5: fix overflow of Memory Region cache
+* net/mlx5: fix overwriting bit-fields in SW Rx queue
+* net/mlx5: fix port stop by verify flows are still present
+* net/mlx5: fix return value of start operation
+* net/mlx5: fix RSS key configuration
+* net/mlx5: fix secondary process verification
+* net/mlx5: fix Tx checksum offloads
+* net/mlx5: fix UAR remapping on non configured queues
+* net/mlx5: fix un-supported RSS hash fields use
+* net/mlx5: fix VLAN configuration after port stop
+* net/mlx5: remove parser/flow drop queue
+* net/mlx5: use PCI address as port name
+* net/mrvl: fix HIF objects allocation
+* net/mrvl: fix multiple probe
+* net/mrvl: fix oversize bpool handling
+* net/mrvl: fix shadow queue tail and size calculations
+* net/mrvl: keep shadow Txqs inside PMD Txq
+* net/nfp: fix CRC strip check behaviour
+* net/nfp: fix jumbo settings
+* net/nfp: fix MTU settings
+* net/octeontx: add channel to port id mapping
+* net/pcap: fix the NUMA id display in logs
+* net/qede/base: fix VF LRO tunnel configuration
+* net/qede: check tunnel L3 header
+* net/qede: fix clearing of queue stats
+* net/qede: fix few log messages
+* net/qede: fix MTU set and max Rx length
+* net/qede: fix to enable LRO over tunnels
+* net/qede: fix to reject config with no Rx queue
+* net/qede: fix tunnel header size in Tx BD configuration
+* net/qede: replace config option with run-time arg
+* net/sfc: do not hold management event queue lock while MCDI
+* net/sfc: fix DMA memory leak after kvarg processing failure
+* net/sfc: fix flow RSS check in error handling
+* net/sfc: fix incorrect bitwise ORing of L3/L4 packet types
+* net/sfc: fix initialization of flow structure
+* net/sfc: fix label name to be consistent
+* net/sfc: fix main MAC address handling
+* net/sfc: fix multicast address list copy memory leak
+* net/sfc: stop periodic DMA if MAC stats upload fails
+* net/szedata2: fix check of mmap return value
+* net/tap: fix cleanup on allocation failure
+* net/tap: remove unused kernel version definitions
+* net/thunderx: fix multi segment Tx function return
+* net/virtio: fix incorrect cast
+* net/virtio: fix memory leak when reinitializing device
+* net/virtio: fix queue flushing with vector Rx enabled
+* net/virtio: fix Rx and Tx handler selection for ARM32
+* net/virtio: fix typo in LRO support
+* net/virtio: fix vector Rx flushing
+* net/virtio-user: fix crash as features change
+* pdump: fix error check when creating/canceling thread
+* pmdinfogen: fix cross compilation for ARM big endian
+* security: fix device operation type
+* security: fix enum start value
+* security: fix pedantic compilation
+* service: fix lcore role after delete
+* service: fix number mapped cores count
+* service: fix possible mem leak on initialize
+* service: fix service core launch
+* test/bitmap: fix memory leak
+* test/crypto: fix missing include
+* test/eventdev: use CPU event type
+* test/memzone: fix freeing test
+* test/memzone: fix NULL freeing
+* test/memzone: fix wrong test
+* test: register test as failed if setup failed
+* test/reorder: fix memory leak
+* test/ring: fix memory leak
+* test/ring_perf: fix memory leak
+* test/table: fix memory leak
+* test/table: fix uninitialized parameter
+* test/timer_perf: fix memory leak
+* timer: fix reset on service cores
+* usertools/devbind: fix kernel module reporting
+* vfio: fix enabled check on error
+* vhost: fix crash
+* vhost: fix dequeue zero copy with virtio1
+* vhost: fix error code check when creating thread
+* vhost: fix IOTLB pool out-of-memory handling
+* vhost: fix mbuf free
+* vhost: protect active rings from async ring changes
+* vhost: remove pending IOTLB entry if miss request failed
diff --git a/lib/librte_eal/common/include/rte_version.h b/lib/librte_eal/common/include/rte_version.h
index b176f65..a0611f3 100644
--- a/lib/librte_eal/common/include/rte_version.h
+++ b/lib/librte_eal/common/include/rte_version.h
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ extern "C" {
* Patch level number i.e. the z in
-#define RTE_VER_MINOR 0
+#define RTE_VER_MINOR 1
* Extra string to be appended to version number
diff --git a/pkg/dpdk.spec b/pkg/dpdk.spec
index 6a41fc7..bbb16f1 100644
--- a/pkg/dpdk.spec
+++ b/pkg/dpdk.spec
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
Name: dpdk
-Version: 17.11
+Version: 17.11.1
Release: 1