BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
16.11version: 16.11.11Luca Boccassi4 weeks
17.05version: 17.05.2Yuanhan Liu2 years
17.08vhost: fix compilation issue when vhost debug enabledMaxime Coquelin20 months
17.11doc: robustify PDF buildThomas Monjalon3 weeks
18.02version: 18.02.2Luca Boccassi18 months
18.05version: 18.05.1Christian Ehrhardt15 months
18.08version: 18.08.1Kevin Traynor8 months
18.11net/e1000: fix memory barrier usage in TxXiao Zhang3 weeks
19.08version: 19.08.2Kevin Traynor4 weeks
masterversion: 18.11.5Kevin Traynor4 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  dpdk-stable-19.08.2.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-19.08.2.tar.xz  Kevin Traynor4 weeks  dpdk-stable-18.11.5.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-18.11.5.tar.xz  Kevin Traynor4 weeks  dpdk-stable-16.11.11.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-16.11.11.tar.xz  Luca Boccassi4 weeks  dpdk-stable-17.11.9.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-17.11.9.tar.xz  Luca Boccassi4 weeks  dpdk-stable-19.08.1.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-19.08.1.tar.xz  Kevin Traynor4 weeks  dpdk-stable-18.11.4.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-18.11.4.tar.xz  Kevin Traynor4 weeks  dpdk-stable-16.11.10.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-16.11.10.tar.xz  Luca Boccassi4 weeks  dpdk-stable-17.11.8.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-17.11.8.tar.xz  Luca Boccassi4 weeks  dpdk-stable-18.11.3.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-18.11.3.tar.xz  Kevin Traynor7 weeks  dpdk-stable-18.11.3-rc2.tar.gz  dpdk-stable-18.11.3-rc2.tar.xz  Kevin Traynor2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-07version: 17.05.2v17.05.217.05Yuanhan Liu
2017-09-07Revert "ip_frag: free mbufs on reassembly table destroy"Yuanhan Liu
2017-08-30Revert "net/i40e: revert fix of PF notify when VF not up"Yuanhan Liu
2017-08-29crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix the return of supported APIAkhil Goyal
2017-08-29examples/l3fwd: fix IPv6 packet type parseQi Zhang
2017-08-29net/i40e: revert fix of PF notify when VF not upXiaoyun Li
2017-08-29net/ixgbe: fix mask flag on flow rule creationQi Zhang
2017-08-29net/enic: fix crash when freeing 0 packet to mempoolAaron Conole
2017-08-29net/i40e: fix Rx data segment buffer lengthQi Zhang
2017-08-29net/vmxnet3: fix filtering on promiscuous disablingChas Williams