AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-13cli: add checking JSON objs in topoYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-13cli: add port types for topo commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-13cli: support other than spp_nfv in topo commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-13cli: add to get sec ID and procs to SppCtlClientYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-13cli: move style params for dot to configYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-13cli: revise composing dot scriptYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-13cli: remove topo_resize commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12cli: fix TODOs in pri commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12cli: revise template of pri launch commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12cli: fix used sec ID is not updatedYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12cli: add validation for config commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12cli: add config optionYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared: move primary specific functionsYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: add shared lib for secondaryYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: add TODOs for vf specific featuresYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12docs: replace classifier_mac with classifierYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp-ctl: rename classifier_mac to classifierYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12cli: rename classifier_mac to classifierYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: rename classifier_mac to classifierYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: rename log label SPP_CLASSIFIER_MACYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: revise functions start with uninitYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: replace inappropriate log labelsYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: remove spp_vf.hYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: rename struct spp_iterate_core_paramsYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: remove nouse wrapper functionYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: rename SPP_CHANGE_UPDATE_INTERVALYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: revise terms in names of vars and funcsYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: move funcs for cls table to spp_vfYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12shared/sec: rename function spp_get_core_statusYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: rename spp_classifier_mac_doYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: refactor variables in classifier.cYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: rename management_info to cls_mng_infoYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: remove no meaning int variablesYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: rename func spp_classifier_mac_initYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-12spp_vf: rename file classifier_macYasufumi Ogawa
2019-08-05tools/sppc: fix compile error of spp_pcapYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-31docs: add API to add or del spp_primary portsYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-31shared: support old desc of vdev tyepYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-31bin: add features for testingYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-31tools/sppc: fix build failure of Ubuntu 18.04Yasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-31spp_nfv: fix error of patch commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30spp_pcap: change to use common port typesYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30shared/sec: move defines of port typesYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30cli: change dirname controller to cliYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30controller: avoid launch with duplicated IDsYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30spp_primary: change to return JSON msg for spp-ctlYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30spp-ctl: truncate null chars in response messageYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30spp_nfv: change to return JSON msg for spp-ctlYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30shared/sec: remove log_all_mng_info from headerYasufumi Ogawa
2019-07-30shared/sec: move data types from cmd_utilsYasufumi Ogawa