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docs: add captured port types for spp_pcap
Spp_pcap only supports two port types, phy and ring, currently. However, There is no explanation for the supported types. This update is to add descriptions for. Signed-off-by: Yasufumi Ogawa <>
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@@ -209,10 +209,10 @@ specific port. It is aimed to capture up to 10Gbps packets.
``spp_pcap`` in which ``spp_pcap`` process receives packets from ``phy:0``
for capturing.
-``spp_pcap`` provides packet capturing capability as a SPP secondary process.
-``spp_pcap`` has one manager thread like spp_vf, and has two types of worker
-threads unlike spp_vf.
+.. note::
+ ``spp_pcap`` supports only two types of ports for capturing, ``phy``
+ and ``ring``, currently.
.. _figure_spp_pcap_overview:
diff --git a/docs/guides/gsg/howto_use.rst b/docs/guides/gsg/howto_use.rst
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--- a/docs/guides/gsg/howto_use.rst
+++ b/docs/guides/gsg/howto_use.rst
@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ options of ``spp_pcap``.
* ``--client-id``: Client ID unique among secondary processes.
* ``-s``: IPv4 address and secondary port of spp-ctl.
-* ``-c``: Captured port, e.g. ``phy:0``, ``ring:1`` or so.
+* ``-c``: Captured port. Only ``phy`` and ``ring`` are supported.
* ``--out-dir``: Optional. Path of dir for captured file. Default is ``/tmp``.
* ``--fsize``: Optional. Maximum size of a capture file. Default is ``1GiB``.