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doc: update workflow for standalone SPP
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SPP Workflow
-Initially SPP added as sample application for DPDK.
-In long run it is possible to separate it and use DPDK as library.
-There are two main branches:
-* dpdk branch: tracking branch.
- This branch merged into master branch regularly.
+SPP is a standalone application uses DPDK as library.
+There is main development branch:
* mater branch: spp development branch.
-For each DPDK release, spp release is tagged in the spp repo.
-Master branch has latest development DPDK and SPP codes.
+For each DPDK release, SPP master branch is tagged with same release version.
+Master branch head always has latest development SPP source codes.
To submit a patch:
@@ -20,4 +15,4 @@ Please send the patch to one of the developers:
Ferruh Yigit <>
Gerald Rogers <>
Sy Jong Choi <>