BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ivshmemversion: 16.07.1Ferruh Yigit3 years
mastershared/sec: skip adding vhosts to port listItsuro Oda5 days
stable-v18.08rpmbuild: introduce RPM package supportHideyuki Yamashita5 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  spp-19.08.tar.gz  spp-19.08.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa3 months  spp-18.08.4.tar.gz  spp-18.08.4.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa4 months  spp-18.08.3.tar.gz  spp-18.08.3.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa7 months  spp-18.08.2.tar.gz  spp-18.08.2.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa11 months  spp-18.08.1.tar.gz  spp-18.08.1.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa13 months  spp-18.08.tar.gz  spp-18.08.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa14 months  spp-18.05.1.tar.gz  spp-18.05.1.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa14 months  spp-18.05.tar.gz  spp-18.05.tar.xz  Ferruh Yigit17 months  spp-18.02.tar.gz  spp-18.02.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa23 months  spp-17.11.tar.gz  spp-17.11.tar.xz  Yasufumi Ogawa24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-04version: 19.08v19.08Yasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04tools/sppc: separate building container imageYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04spp_primary: fix buf overflow in result of patchYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04docs: add pri commands for forwarderYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04docs: add desc for using worker thread of priYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04docs: add intro in usecasesYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04docs: add desc for primary designYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04docs: add pri APIs for forwarderYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04cli: fix bug of completion in del commandYasufumi Ogawa
2019-11-04cli: add compl for new commands in spp_primaryYasufumi Ogawa