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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-18add more color to static infoKeith Wiles
2018-11-20update screen formatKeith Wiles
2018-11-20clean up screenKeith Wiles
2018-09-25checkpointKeith Wiles
2018-09-23fix mbuf leak and clean up page colorspktgen-3.5.4Keith Wiles
2018-01-09update theme colors and add a theme color for port dataKeith Wiles
2017-03-23checkpoint for CLIKeith Wiles
2017-03-07add CLI supportKeith Wiles
2016-03-07Fix up IPv6 supportKeith Wiles
2016-02-10Update coding style and screen cleanuppktgen-2.9.10Keith Wiles
2014-10-02Theme with some different colors for yellow backgroundKeith Wiles
2014-08-30First commit for dpdk.orgKeith Wiles