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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-24check if device socket id is validpktgen-3.7.0Keith Wiles
2019-06-19fix meson script to point to the right locationKeith Wiles
2019-06-19pktgen: fix clang compiler errors / warningsAdam Drescher
2019-06-19update version and changelog for 3.7.0Keith Wiles
2019-06-19rename __XXX compat defines to pg_compatKeith Wiles
2019-06-19fix up the meson builds and cleanupKeith Wiles
2019-06-07fix port configuration for latest dpdkKeith Wiles
2019-06-07make sure we have a newline for panic outputKeith Wiles
2019-06-06pktgen: enable RSS on versions of DPDK after 18.05David Christensen
2019-06-06Add bonding infomation commands with compat changesKeith Wiles
2019-06-06add bonding commandsKeith Wiles
2019-05-30make sure latency chagne updates checksum valuesKeith Wiles
2019-05-29fixup rename of dpdk struct/defines/... 19.05Keith Wiles
2019-04-01convert file/functions to generic namesKeith Wiles
2019-04-01update version number and logpktgen-3.6.6Keith Wiles
2019-03-31add new portInfo lua dataKeith Wiles
2019-03-18Cleanup build, add plugin support and meson build not workingKeith Wiles
2019-03-04fix crash not resetting tty and other fixesKeith Wiles
2019-02-15Merge branch 'bug-fix'Keith Wiles
2019-02-15fix Update to version 3.6.5pktgen-3.6.5Keith Wiles
2019-02-15fix ldflags order for lua libKeith Wiles
2019-02-14reorder the defines on the LDFLAGS lineKeith Wiles
2019-02-07convert to DPDK network structs and fix offload code.Keith Wiles
2019-01-24fix lua builds oni ubuntu 18.10pktgen-3.6.4Keith Wiles
2019-01-21change port command to use uint16_tKeith Wiles
2019-01-21add page stats screenKeith Wiles
2019-01-18add more color to static infoKeith Wiles
2019-01-18convert all rte_delay_ms to rte_delay_us_sleepKeith Wiles
2019-01-18remove need for rte_timer_manageKeith Wiles
2019-01-18use faster timer routines then rte_timer_manageKeith Wiles
2019-01-18remove crc-strip optionKeith Wiles
2019-01-18remove init stats structureKeith Wiles
2019-01-17fix formatting with spacesKeith Wiles
2019-01-17update readme, version and changelogpktgen-3.6.3Keith Wiles
2019-01-17fix cleanup of not sent packetsRafal Kozik
2019-01-17expose number of missed Rx packetsRafal Kozik
2019-01-17use constants for PCAP creationRafal Kozik
2019-01-17different PCAP per each queueRafal Kozik
2019-01-17fix race condition in startRafal Kozik
2019-01-17adjust the pkt size macrosKeith Wiles
2019-01-12fix makefile for lua buildspktgen-3.6.2Keith Wiles
2019-01-12fix up makefiles for Lua supportKeith Wiles
2019-01-12update changelog and versionKeith Wiles
2019-01-12fixed GRE null point and using wrong defineKeith Wiles
2019-01-12try to detect how lua is installedKeith Wiles
2019-01-10fix lib makefile and finding lua headers and libsKeith Wiles
2019-01-07Update version and changelogpktgen-3.6.1Keith Wiles
2019-01-07Fix string truncation warningsStephen Hemminger
2019-01-05cleanup code and remove splash screenKeith Wiles
2019-01-02add PID to displayKeith Wiles