AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daystests/runtime_vf_queue_number: add caseHEADmasterJianwei Mei
10 daystests/TestSuite_sriov_kvm:modify bug and increase compatibilityXiaoxiao Zeng
10 daystests/TestSuite_l3fwd:ipv6 has no layer IP-0Jianwei Mei
10 daystests/TestSuite_kernelpf_iavf:Modify the wrong matching methodzhang,yan
10 daysadd support for cvlPeng Zhihong
10 daystests/vf_jumboframe: correct a typoGaoliang Luo
10 daystests/TestSuite_vf_jumboframe:Optimize the code to exit testpmdzhang,yan
10 daystests/multiple_pthread: replace the hard codehanyingya
10 daystests/l3fwdacl: increase time tcpdump capture dataXiaoxiao Zeng
10 daysadd cvl support for VECTOR configurationPeng Zhihong
10 Max packet lenght supported is 9200 for cavium_a...Praneeth Reddy
10 daystests/generic_filter: add timeout when quit testpmdXiaoxiao Zeng
10 daystests/flow_filtering complete automation of flow_filteringXiaoxiao Zeng
10 daystests/ipgre: tear_down add self.dut.kill_all()Peng Zhihong
10 daystests/vhost_virtio_user_interrupt:fix test caseblocked issue.zhu,shuai
10 daystests/vlan:Increase the default timeout time in the send_pkt method.zhu,shuai
10 daysadd support for cvlPeng Zhihong
10 daystests/l3fwdacl:Increase the time of the default timeout.zhu,shuai
10 daystests/TestSuite_telemetry: update file_prefix in telemetry clientXiao Qimai
10 daysframework/virt_base: reduce dpdk complie times in vm at same suitelihong
10 daystests/shutdown_api: optimize scriptWenjie Li
10 daystest_plans/power_empty_poll: upload test planyufengmx
10 daystest_plans/power_empty_poll: add test plan indexyufengmx
10 daystests/power_empty_poll: upload automation scriptyufengmx
2019-10-24tests/l2fwd_jobstats:add scapy_send_packet timeoutXiaoxiao Zeng
2019-10-24tests/TestSuite_crypto_perf_cryptodev_perf: add casesyaobing
2019-10-24add config to crypto_perfyaobing
2019-10-24add file to crypto_perfyaobing
2019-10-24add file to crypto_perfyaobing
2019-10-24unit_tests_pmd_perf: Fix throwing error and exiting app on failurePhanendra Vukkisala
2019-10-24unit_tests_eal: Increasing timeout for hash_readwrite_lf_autotestPhanendra Vukkisala
2019-10-24shutdown_api: support vector mode to this testPhanendra Vukkisala
2019-10-24ptpclient: don't use software time stamping for cavm devicesPhanendra Vukkisala
2019-10-24checklist: promisc mode not is supported on cavm_a064 devicePhanendra Vukkisala
2019-10-24tests/fdir: ensure port is up before send packetsWenjie Li
2019-10-24power_pbf: add test plan indexyufengmx
2019-10-24tests/example_build: optimize scriptWenjie Li
2019-10-24add vmdq_dcb test planhanyingya
2019-10-24tests/TestSuite_queue_region: SYN tcp packet should has flags SXiao Qimai
2019-10-24tests/vxlan:add timeoutzhu,shuai
2019-10-24tests/TestSuite_quota_watermark:modify sniff packet timexie,wei
2019-10-24frmework/dut: clean prefix_list on freebsdXiao Qimai
2019-10-24tests/TestSuite_generic_flow_api: remove quotation marks in type valueXiao Qimai
2019-10-23tests/TestSuite_multicast: update to new packet apiXiao Qimai
2019-10-23framework/utils: add verify subclazz.__bases__ is not None or emptyXiao Qimai
2019-10-23test/vxlan: could support carlsvilleWenjie Li
2019-10-23tests/enable_package_download_in_ice_driver: align change in dpdkWenjie Li
2019-10-23test_plans/enable_package_download_in_ice_driver: align change in dpdkWenjie Li
2019-10-23tests/l2fwd_cryptodev_func:change disgest_size according to dpdkyaobing
2019-10-23tests/bonding: fix save pcapfile method and pathXiao Qimai