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+title = "Technical Board"
+weight = "9"
+More high level details are defined in the [charter](//
+### Scope
+The decision making process is primarily based on consensus.
+However in rare cases, the Technical Board can make a decision
+when consensus is not reached on the mailing list.
+The scope of this body is limited to the questions directly related
+to the development in the following repositories:
+* dpdk.git
+* dpdk-stable.git
+* dpdk-next-*.git
+* dpdk-ci.git
+* dpdk-web.git
+### Members
+The 8 current members of
+[]( are:
+* Bruce Richardson
+* Ferruh Yigit
+* Hemant Agrawal
+* Jerin Jacob
+* Konstantin Ananyev
+* Olivier Matz
+* Stephen Hemminger
+* Thomas Monjalon
+### Renewal
+Technical Board positions are held by individuals, not companies.
+However, employees of a single company should not occupy more than 40% of board seats.
+It can be decided to remove a member if there is an approval of 2/3 of the whole Technical Board.
+It can be decided either to replace the member, or to redefine the size of the board.
+There will be some renewal when it will be felt as needed.
+### Meetings
+A short meeting happens on IRC (freenode #dpdk-board) every two weeks.
+The quorum required for a meeting to proceed is a 70% majority of the Technical Board.
+The Chair is a rotating role among members.
+Any contributor can ask to add a topic
+in the [agenda](
+by sending an email
+to [](
+The board members will add any topic of interest
+in the [agenda](
+Minutes are sent to [](// so anyone can comment.
+However, the technical discussions should happen in the original thread.
+There is a [list of previous meeting minutes](/techboard/minutes).
+### Roles
+- The new project repositories must be approved by the Technical Board,
+while applying the non-technical criteria defined by
+the [Governing Board](//
+- If a patch does not receive any or enough comment, the board may discuss it
+in order to provide an input on the mailing list.
+- If there is no consensus in a discussion, a decision can be taken
+by the Technical Board and explained on the mailing list.
+For a vote to be passed, a majority (> 50%) of the total Technical Board is required
+(not just a majority of those in attendance at the meeting).
+In the event of a deadlock the Technical Board Chair shall have the casting vote.