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-<h3>In Loving Memory: Venky Venkatesan, "The Father of DPDK"</h3>
-<img src="" style="float: left; margin: 4em 3em 4em 0;">
-<p>It is with a heavy heart that we share news that
-the DPDK and communities have lost a key founding member of the communities:
-Venky Venkatesan has passed away following a long battle with cancer.
-We’d like to express our utmost condolences to Venky’s family, friends,
-and extended community during this incredibly sad time.
-Venky was an incredibly inspiring man who exuded greatness all around;
-he will be dearly missed.</p>
-<p>Affectionately known as "The Father of DPDK",
-a nod to his invention and creation of DPDK
-approximately ten years ago (before it was called DPDK).
-His footprints across the industry, and across the globe, are everywhere:
-Venky was deeply involved in the PICMG ATCA specification,
-creating a new bladed form factor for telecom equipment.
-He touched on and gave guidance to projects spanning Linux/netdev, DPDK,
-Intel QuickAssist Technology, BSD stacks,
-OVS, OPNFV, (of which he was a sitting TSC member),
-all-things-virtualization (KVM, Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, etc.),
-ETSI, IETF, containers, and so many other arenas.
-Venky regularly spoke at technical conferences
-including Intel Developer Forum, DPDK Summit,
-and various other workshops spanning, NFV, SDN, and virtual switching.</p>
-<p>Those who knew him and engaged him, especially on deep technical discussions,
-knew they were talking to someone with the rare combination of skills
-that went incredibly deep both on the hardware (silicon) side of platforms,
-but also on the software (networking) side of the platforms.
-Venky was well-versed on a range of topics beyond technical themes.
-His mind could engage you on subjects ranging from football (soccer)
-to photography to history to politics and many other domains.
-Conversations with Venky were a treat.
-Traveling with him was an adventure.
-Debating with him was a lesson.
-We will so miss all of him.</p>
-<p>Venky left behind a wife and two young daughters.
-A <a href="">GoFundMe memorial fund</a>
-to establish a college fund for his daughters has been set up
-to honor his legacy of mentoring and developing the next generation
-of engineers and scientists.</p>
-<p>The upcoming DPDK release, 18.05, and the upcoming release, 18.04,
-will be named in Venky’s honor as well.</p>
-<p>Please join us in expressing our gratitude for all that
-Venky gave to the world during the too-short time he was here,
-as well as our deep sadness in losing a great friend, colleague, and mentor.</p>