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update Intel roadmap for 19.11
The full roadmap is announced in the dpdk-dev mailing list: Signed-off-by: Ferruh Yigit <> Signed-off-by: Thomas Monjalon <>
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- VF configuration from host via representor port id
- Arm N1 platform config
- Arm optimizations in i40e and ixgbe
+- ice support of DDP, multi-process and flexible descriptor
+- ice rte_flow updates to support RSS, high/low priority flows, DDP profiles
+- ice and iavf avx2 vector path
+- ipn3ke graceful shutdown
- mlx5 HW support of VLAN id update and push/pop, VF LAG, flow metering and EEPROM module
+- virtio packed ring performance optimizations
- use C11 atomic functions in memif
- Arm WFE/SEV instructions in spinlock and ring library
- integrate RCU library with LPM and hash libraries
- optimized algorithm for resizeable hash table
- lock-free stack mempool handler
- lock-free l3fwd algorithms
+- ntb FIFO ring for Rx/Tx
- eventdev examples in l2fwd-event, l3fwd and ipsec-secgw
+- cryptodev session-less asymmetric crypto
- Nitrox cryptodev
- OCTEON TX asymmetric crypto
- OCTEON TX2 cryptodev
- OCTEON TX2 inline IPsec using rte_security
+- rte_security support of inline crypto statistics
+- rte_security improved performance for IPsec with software crypto
+- IPsec add security association database
+- ipsec-secgw support of multiple sessions for the same SA
+- QAT stateful decompression
- regexdev
- template based ring API
+- sched library configuration more flexible
- eBPF arm64 JIT
+- sample application for ioat
- UBSan in build
### Nice to have - Future {#future}