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update Mellanox roadmap for 19.08
Mellanox roadmap is announced in dpdk-dev mailing list: Signed-off-by: Asaf Penso <>
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- new device specification (devargs) syntax
- documentation for device management
-- TCP SEQ and ACK offload with rte_flow API and mlx5 implementation
-- ICMP ping offload with rte_flow API and mlx5 implementation
+- TCP SEQ, TCP ACK and GRE key matching with rte_flow API and mlx5 implementation
+- setting metadata in RX, with rte_flow API and mlx5 implementation, and receiving it as part of mbuf
+- mlx5 offload ICMP ping, IP-in-IP inner RSS, TCP flags matching, LRO and hairpin
+- better mlx5 rte_flow_query rate and latency
+- better mlx5 out of the box TX performance
+- robustness additions in mlx5 data-path error handling and recovery
- initial support for Huawei Intelligent PCIe NIC
- ice PMD rte_flow, ethertype & tunnel filters and inner L3/L4 checksum strip/insertion support
- i40e PMD partial offload support