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update Intel roadmap for 18.08
Original announce: Signed-off-by: Kevin Laatz <> Acked-by: John McNamara <>
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<h2>Development roadmap</h2>
<p>Major known features and milestones may be noted here.
This list is obviously neither complete nor guaranteed.
- <h3 id="1805">Version 18.05 (2018 May)</h3>
+ <h3 id="1808">Version 18.08 (2018 August)</h3>
- <li>memory subsystem rework
- <li>uevent support for hotplug
<li>new device specification (devargs) syntax
- <li>secondary process support in virtual devices
- <li>ethdev API for recommended descriptor ring sizes
- <li>ethdev API to manage tunnel endpoints
- <li>ethdev Rx/Tx offloads for various tunnels
- <li>ethdev switch offloads
- <li>ethdev port representor
- <li>i40e PPPoE/PPPoL2Tv2
- <li>mlx5 striding RQ (multi packets buffer)
- <li>mlx5 tunnels offloads extended
- <li>vhost interrupt mode
- <li>selective datapath in vhost-user library
- <li>new Intel driver (IFC VF) for accelerated virtio
- <li>virtio-user for virtio-crypto
+ <li>power management: turbo core thread pinning
+ <li>power management: traffic pattern aware power control
+ <li>power management: 100% busy traffic polling
+ <li>complete support of new descriptor status API for Intel PMDs
+ <li>failure handler for PCIE hardware hotplug
+ <li>virtual device hotplug
+ <li>virtio IN_ORDER support
+ <li>vhost-user extension to improve vDPA
<li>tap TSO
- <li>bonding support of flow API
- <li>new API for hardware and software compression/decompression
+ <li>SoftNIC restructuring to use Packet Framework
+ <li>SoftNIC support for NAT
<li>eventdev ordered and atomic queues for DPAA2
- <li>eventdev crypto adapter
- <li>eventdev timer adapter
- <li>IP pipeline enhancements
+ <li>3DES support in AESNI_MB PMD
+ <li>ISAL Compression PMD enhancements
+ <li>Intel QuickAssist Technology Compression PMD
+ <li>unified packet fragmentation API
<li>libedit integration
<h3 id="future">Nice to have - Future</h3>
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<li>multi-process rework
<li>automatic UIO/VFIO binding
<li>infiniband driver class (ibdev)
- <li>BPF support
<li>default configuration from files
<li>generic white/blacklisting