AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-21pmd: default config is renamed nativeHEADmasterThomas Monjalon
2014-05-01version: 1.2v1.2Thomas Monjalon
2014-05-01pkg: add recipe for RPMThomas Monjalon
2014-03-27mk: allow to install lib and docThomas Monjalon
2014-03-27mk: allow to build outside of the source directoryThomas Monjalon
2014-03-27mk: minor fixesThomas Monjalon
2014-03-27pmd: fix initialization of Tx queue headerThomas Monjalon
2014-01-06pmd: fix PCI id match when probingAsias He
2013-07-26pmd: set version 1.1v1.1Thomas Monjalon
2013-07-26pmd: support dpdk-1.3Damien Millescamps
2013-07-10pmd: first versionv1.0Damien Millescamps
2013-07-09initThomas Monjalon