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doc: update release notes for bnxt
Update release doc briefly describing updates to bnxt PMD for 19.11 release. The support for these was added in the following commits: 1) b150a7e7ee66 ("net/bnxt: support LRO on Thor adapters") 2) be14720def9c ("net/bnxt: support FW reset") 3) df6cd7c1f73a ("net/bnxt: handle reset notify async event from FW") 4) 698aa7e95325 ("net/bnxt: add code to determine the Tx COS queue") 5) 04102f2ffc8c ("net/bnxt: update HWRM API to version") Signed-off-by: Ajit Khaparde <>
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@@ -131,6 +131,16 @@ New Features
Added the new PFE driver for the NXP LS1012A platform. See the
:doc:`../nics/pfe` NIC driver guide for more details on this new driver.
+* **Updated Broadcom bnxt driver.**
+ Updated Broadcom bnxt driver with new features and improvements, including:
+ * Added support for hot firmware upgrade.
+ * Added support for error recovery.
+ * Added support for querying and using COS classification in hardware.
+ * Added LRO support Thor devices.
+ * Update HWRM API to version
* **Updated iavf PMD.**
Enable AVX2 data path for iavf PMD.