BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterversion: 19.11-rc3Thomas Monjalon27 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
27 hoursversion: 19.11-rc3HEADmasterThomas Monjalon
27 hourspower: handle frequency increase with turbo disabledMattias Rönnblom
28 hoursapp/testpmd: fix invalid port detachingMatan Azrad
28 hoursbus/pci: clear driver on detachMatan Azrad
28 hourskni: increase kernel version requirement for VAFerruh Yigit
28 hoursbpf/arm: fix clang buildRuifeng Wang
28 hoursconfig: add eMAGJerry Hao OS
28 hoursconfig: add cortex-a76 for mesonGavin Hu
28 hoursconfig: add Arm Neoverse N1 SDPGavin Hu
28 hoursdevtools: reduce list of Arm builds tested with mesonThomas Monjalon