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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-28test/crypto: use existing algorithm stringsPablo de Lara
2017-06-28test/crypto: remove offsets in wireless algo vectorsPablo de Lara
2017-06-28test/crypto: remove unnecessary offsetPablo de Lara
2017-06-28test/crypto: fix wrong AAD settingPablo de Lara
2017-06-27test/mbuf: remove global mempoolSantosh Shukla
2017-06-21eventdev: define default value for dequeue timeoutJerin Jacob
2017-06-21test/eventdev: verify priority test prerequisiteJerin Jacob
2017-06-21event/sw: fix credit tracking in port dequeueHarry van Haaren
2017-06-21event/sw: add queue-to-port statsHarry van Haaren
2017-06-22test/bonding: remove socket id checkPablo de Lara
2017-06-14fix typos using codespell utilityJerin Jacob
2017-06-06eal: introduce macro for always inlineJerin Jacob
2017-05-05test/eventdev: fix build with gcc 7Bruce Richardson
2017-05-05test/cmdline: fix missing break in switchBruce Richardson
2017-05-05vdev: remove eal prefixThomas Monjalon
2017-04-20test/crypto: add DPAA2 crypto functional testAkhil Goyal
2017-04-20test/crypto: add DPAA2 crypto performance testAkhil Goyal
2017-04-20test/crypto: create unique driver namePablo de Lara
2017-04-20test/crypto: create only one virtual device if neededPablo de Lara
2017-04-19test/mempool_perf: support default mempoolSantosh Shukla
2017-04-19test/mempool_perf: free mempool on exitSantosh Shukla
2017-04-19test/mempool_perf: remove mempool global varsSantosh Shukla
2017-04-19test/mempool: support default mempoolShreyansh Jain
2017-04-19test/mempool: free mempool on exitShreyansh Jain
2017-04-18ethdev: remove ethdev driverJan Blunck
2017-04-18net/null: internalize create functionJan Blunck
2017-04-18test: do not short-circuit null device creationJan Blunck
2017-04-14test: remove PCI testsGaetan Rivet
2017-04-11test: remove unnecessary cast of void pointerStephen Hemminger
2017-04-10test: enable HW CRC strip by defaultJeff Guo
2017-04-06eal: clean up interrupt handleQi Zhang
2017-04-06crypto/scheduler: deprecate get/set mode functionsFan Zhang
2017-04-06test/crypto: add ZUC test cases for QATArek Kusztal
2017-04-06test/crypto: merge ZUC test vectors into one fileArek Kusztal
2017-04-06test/crypto: add out-of-place testsFiona Trahe
2017-04-06crypto/qat: support DOCSIS BPI modeFiona Trahe
2017-04-06crypto/openssl: support DES DOCSIS BPIPablo de Lara
2017-04-06crypto/aesni_mb: support AES DOCSIS BPIPablo de Lara
2017-04-06crypto/scheduler: improve slave configurationFan Zhang
2017-04-06test/eventdev: fix build with crypto disabledOlivier Matz
2017-04-05test: add CRC computationJasvinder Singh
2017-04-05app/test: new command to dump log typesOlivier Matz
2017-04-05eal: deprecate log functionsOlivier Matz
2017-04-05eal: support dynamic log typesOlivier Matz
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add remaining tests based on existing helpersJerin Jacob
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add octeontx producer-consumer based orderJerin Jacob
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add octeontx queue and flow based max stageJerin Jacob
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add octeontx queue based max stageJerin Jacob
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add octeontx flow based max stageJerin Jacob
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add octeontx queue based two stage schedJerin Jacob