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2014-05-16mk: add "make examples" target in root makefileOlivier Matz
It is now possible to build all projects from the examples/ directory using one command from root directory. Some illustration of what is possible: - build examples in the DPDK tree for one target # install the x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc in # ${RTE_SDK}/x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc directory user@droids:~/$ make install T=x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc # build examples for this new installation in # ${RTE_SDK}/examples directory user@droids:~/$ make examples T=x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc - build examples outside DPDK tree for several targets # install all targets matching x86_64-*-linuxapp-gcc in # ${RTE_SDK}/x86_64-*-linuxapp-gcc directories user@droids:~/$ make install T=x86_64-*-linuxapp-gcc # build examples for these installations in /tmp/foobar user@droids:~/$ make examples T=x86_64-*-linuxapp-gcc O=/tmp/foobar Signed-off-by: Olivier Matz <> Acked-by: Thomas Monjalon <>