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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-28version: 16.07.0v16.07Thomas Monjalon
2016-07-28ethdev: fix documentation for queue start/stopNikhil Rao
2016-07-28eal: fix tail blank check in --lcores argumentWei Dai
2016-07-28eal: fix parsing of option --lcoresWei Dai
2016-07-28eal: remove redundant code to parse --lcoresWei Dai
2016-07-25version: 16.07-rc5v16.07-rc5Thomas Monjalon
2016-07-25mempool: fix unsafe removal from list by callbackThomas Monjalon
2016-07-25vhost: fix off-by-one error on descriptor number checkMaxime Coquelin
2016-07-25timer: fix corruption with resetHiroyuki Mikita
2016-07-25timer: remove unnecessary list insertionHiroyuki Mikita
2016-07-25timer: fix pending-list manipulationHiroyuki Mikita
2016-07-25ring: fix single consumer dequeue performanceJerin Jacob
2016-07-22version: 16.07-rc4v16.07-rc4Thomas Monjalon
2016-07-22unify tools namingThomas Monjalon
2016-07-22eal: add tailq safe iterator macroPablo de Lara
2016-07-22mem: fix check of physical address retrievalMichal Jastrzebski
2016-07-22cryptodev: fix memory leak in parameter parsingPablo de Lara
2016-07-22vhost: fix unregistering in client modeIlya Maximets
2016-07-22vhost: fix connect hang in client modeIlya Maximets
2016-07-22ethdev: fix overwriting driver-specific statsRemy Horton
2016-07-21ring: guarantee dequeue ordering before tail updateJuhamatti Kuusisaari
2016-07-21mempool: fix missing registration of free functionZoltan Kiss
2016-07-21mempool: adjust name size in related data typesZoltan Kiss
2016-07-21mem: allow full length nameZoltan Kiss
2016-07-21eal/ppc: fix memory barrier for IBM POWERChao Zhu
2016-07-16version: 16.07-rc3v16.07-rc3Thomas Monjalon
2016-07-16pdump: fix error handlingsReshma Pattan
2016-07-16ip_frag: fix doxygen formattingHiroyuki Mikita
2016-07-15vhost: fix crash when exceeding file descriptorsPatrik Andersson
2016-07-15vhost: check ring descriptor addressIlya Maximets
2016-07-15vhost: fix used descriptors number of mergeable enqueueIlya Maximets
2016-07-15vfio: fix coding styleYong Wang
2016-07-15vfio: fix PCI resource mappingYong Wang
2016-07-15mempool: fix empty structure definitionAdrien Mazarguil
2016-07-15spinlock: move constructor out of x86 header fileDamjan Marion
2016-07-11version: 16.07-rc2v16.07-rc2Thomas Monjalon
2016-07-11mempool: fix creation with Xen dom0Olivier Matz
2016-07-11mbuf: set errno on pool creation errorOlivier Matz
2016-07-11xen: fix retrieval of physical addressOlivier Matz
2016-07-11xen: fix build as shared libraryThomas Monjalon
2016-07-11xen: fix buildOlivier Matz
2016-07-11net/bnxt: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/bnx2x: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/enic: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/vmxnet3: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/virtio: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/fm10k: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/i40e: move PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11net/e1000: move em PCI device ids to the driverDavid Marchand
2016-07-11eal: remove PCI device ids header from doxygenDavid Marchand