path: root/lib/librte_vhost
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-25vhost: fix off-by-one error on descriptor number checkMaxime Coquelin
2016-07-22vhost: fix unregistering in client modeIlya Maximets
2016-07-22vhost: fix connect hang in client modeIlya Maximets
2016-07-15vhost: fix crash when exceeding file descriptorsPatrik Andersson
2016-07-15vhost: check ring descriptor addressIlya Maximets
2016-07-15vhost: fix used descriptors number of mergeable enqueueIlya Maximets
2016-07-04vhost: fix potential null pointer dereferenceYuanhan Liu
2016-07-04vhost: fix not null terminated stringYuanhan Liu
2016-07-04vhost: fix memory leakYuanhan Liu
2016-06-30vhost: fix missing flag reset on stopYuanhan Liu
2016-06-29mk: fix internal dependenciesThomas Monjalon
2016-06-22vhost: check hugepage fstat errorHuawei Xie
2016-06-22vhost: unmap log memory on cleanupIlya Maximets
2016-06-22vhost: fix leak of file descriptorsIlya Maximets
2016-06-22vhost: fix null pointer dereferenceMarcin Kerlin
2016-06-22vhost: remove concurrent enqueueHuawei Xie
2016-06-22vhost: arrange struct fields for better cache sharingYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: optimize dequeue for small packetsYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: pre update used ring for Tx and RxYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: workaround stale vring baseYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: add reconnect abilityYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: add vhost-user client modeYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: rename structs for enabling client modeYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: make buffer vector for scatter Rx localIlya Maximets
2016-06-22vhost: make virtio header length per deviceYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: reserve few more space for future extensionYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: remove virtio-net.hYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: remove unnecessary fieldsYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: hide internal codeYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: export device id as the interface to applicationsYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: export queue free entriesYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: export interface nameYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: export number of queuesYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: export numa nodeYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: move cuse only struct to cuseYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: get device by device id onlyYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: rename device id variableYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: declare device id as intYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: set/reset device flags internallyYuanhan Liu
2016-06-22vhost: declare backend with int typeYuanhan Liu
2016-05-10vhost: fix name not null terminatedDaniel Mrzyglod
2016-04-06vhost: fix error handling in destroyYuanhan Liu
2016-03-31vhost: use SMP barriers instead of compiler onesIlya Maximets
2016-03-25vhost: remove unnecessary returnYuanhan Liu
2016-03-17vhost: remove unnecessary memset when enqueueingYuanhan Liu
2016-03-15vhost: fix default value of kickfd and callfdTetsuya Mukawa
2016-03-15vhost: avoid dead loop chainYuanhan Liu
2016-03-15vhost: check for ring descriptors overflowYuanhan Liu
2016-03-15vhost: do sanity check for ring descriptor lengthYuanhan Liu
2016-03-14vhost: remove wrong unlikely prediction in RxYuanhan Liu