path: root/lib/librte_timer
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-25timer: fix corruption with resetHiroyuki Mikita
2016-07-25timer: remove unnecessary list insertionHiroyuki Mikita
2016-07-25timer: fix pending-list manipulationHiroyuki Mikita
2015-08-03timer: fix race conditionRobert Sanford
2015-03-10tailq: remove unneeded inclusionsDavid Marchand
2015-03-04timer: fix callback declaration inconsistencyPawel Wodkowski
2015-02-25timer: fix reset return valueRobert Sanford
2015-02-25timer: pause in reset syncRobert Sanford
2015-02-24timer: support non-EAL threadCunming Liang
2015-02-03mk: add library version extensionNeil Horman
2015-02-03lib: provide initial versioningNeil Horman
2014-08-28fix unix permissions for source filesDavid Marchand
2014-06-11remove trailing whitespacesBruce Richardson
2014-05-26timer: fix pending counterVadim Suraev
2014-05-26timer: fix reloading after changesVadim Suraev
2014-05-16add FILE argument to debug functionsStephen Hemminger
2014-02-25timer: missing optimization flag in compileBruce Richardson
2014-02-25update Intel copyright years to 2014Bruce Richardson
2013-10-09timer: use a skip listIntel
2013-10-09doc: whitespace changes in licensesIntel
2013-09-17timer: add a rte_pause in a tight loopIntel
2013-09-17timer: prefer TSC to HPETIntel
2013-09-17timer: optimize for empty caseStephen Hemminger
2013-07-25update copyright date to 2013Intel
2013-07-05remove version in all filesIntel
2013-03-11first public releasev1.2.3r0Intel