path: root/lib/librte_ring
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-25ring: fix single consumer dequeue performanceJerin Jacob
2016-07-21ring: guarantee dequeue ordering before tail updateJuhamatti Kuusisaari
2016-07-21mempool: adjust name size in related data typesZoltan Kiss
2016-05-19mem: avoid memzone/mempool/ring name truncationOlivier Matz
2016-03-22ring: fix deadlock in zero object multi enqueue or dequeueLazaros Koromilas
2016-02-10remove extra parentheses in return statementHuawei Xie
2015-11-18eal: introduce SMP memory barriersJerin Jacob
2015-11-04ring: support freeingPablo de Lara
2015-11-03ring: store memzone pointerBruce Richardson
2015-07-16mem: move librte_malloc to eal/commonSergio Gonzalez Monroy
2015-03-10tailq: move to dynamic tailqDavid Marchand
2015-03-10tailq: remove unneeded inclusionsDavid Marchand
2015-02-24ring: add optional yield to avoid spin foreverCunming Liang
2015-02-24ring: support non-EAL threadCunming Liang
2015-02-03mk: add library version extensionNeil Horman
2015-02-03lib: provide initial versioningNeil Horman
2014-12-17ring: fix return type in enqueue and dequeue burst functionsPablo de Lara
2014-11-27add prefix to cache line macrosSergio Gonzalez Monroy
2014-07-22ring: make tailq fully localAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-27eal: deprecate rte_snprintfStephen Hemminger
2014-06-11remove trailing whitespacesBruce Richardson
2014-05-16add FILE argument to debug functionsStephen Hemminger
2014-05-16spelling fixesStephen Hemminger
2014-05-13ring: allow to initialize without memzoneOlivier Matz
2014-05-13ring: get size in memoryOlivier Matz
2014-02-25eal: cleanup on mempool and memzone object namesBruce Richardson
2014-02-25eal: add rte_compiler_barrier() macroBruce Richardson
2014-02-25update Intel copyright years to 2014Bruce Richardson
2013-10-09doc: whitespace changes in licensesIntel
2013-09-17ring: optimisationsIntel
2013-07-25update copyright date to 2013Intel
2013-07-25memory: fix for multi process supportIntel
2013-07-25ring: add burst APIIntel
2013-07-25lib: update tailq apiIntel
2013-07-05remove version in all filesIntel
2013-03-11first public releasev1.2.3r0Intel