path: root/lib/librte_pmd_ixgbe
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-10igb/ixgbe: fix build with ICCRichardson, Bruce
2013-11-24ixgbe: fix offloading bits when Rx bulk alloc is usedBryan Benson
2013-11-24ixgbe: query assignment of VF queuesQinglai Xiao
2013-11-24ixgbe: add Tx->Rx loopback mode for 82599Qinglai Xiao
2013-11-24igb/ixgbe: fix index overflow when resetting big queuesThomas Monjalon
2013-11-24igb/ixgbe: allow RSS with only one Rx queueMaxime Leroy
2013-11-24igb/ixgbe: ETH_MQ_RX_NONE should disable RSSMaxime Leroy
2013-11-24ethdev: add pause frame counters for em/igb/ixgbeIvan Boule
2013-11-24ethdev: add support for device offload capabilitiesIvan Boule
2013-11-24pci: use igb_uio mapping only when neededThomas Monjalon
2013-11-24ixgbe: fix index overflow when resetting big Tx queuesIntel
2013-11-24ixgbe: fix RSC disabling bitIntel
2013-11-24ixgbe: add MAC control forwardIntel
2013-11-24ixgbe: add 82599 bypass supportIntel
2013-10-09ethdev: random MAC addressIntel
2013-10-09ixgbe: add VMDq supportIntel
2013-10-09ixgbe: fix VF init without setupIntel
2013-10-09doc: whitespace changes in licensesIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: fix DCB setupIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: check DD bit for specific RX descriptorIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: RX queue count is not implemented for VFIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: use DD bit to count RX available descriptorsIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: force phy power up/downIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: update VMDq/DCB supportIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: add PF supportIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: support dual vlanIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: retrieve RX available descriptorsIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: RSS RETA configurationIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: allocate structures on numa_nodeIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: allow unsupported SFPIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: force inliningIntel
2013-09-17ixgbe: log tx code pathIntel
2013-09-17pci: don't unbind resources on exitIntel
2013-09-17pci: rework interrupt handlingIntel
2013-09-17pci: support multiple PCI regions per deviceStephen Hemminger
2013-09-06lib: fix various compilation warningsIntel
2013-09-06lib: 32/64-bit cleanupsIntel
2013-09-06file mode changesIntel
2013-07-25update copyright date to 2013Intel
2013-07-25lib: fix uninitialized variablesZijie Pan
2013-07-25lib: fix unused valuesZijie Pan
2013-07-25ixgbe: whitespace changesIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: various updatesIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: add ipv6 support to fdirIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: configure CRC stripping behaviour of PFIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: add an optimised "simple" TX functionIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: DCB / flow controlIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: add vlan offload supportIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: allow rx bulk allocIntel
2013-07-25ixgbe: update RX/TX queue configurationIntel